Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Feel Lucky...oh oh oh

When it comes to contests i consider myself pretty lucky. I win stuff all the time, and people always ask me how i do it. I guess it's because i try all the time! The more you try, obviously, the more chances you will have of winning something. I've won everything from $50 gift certificates to sport boutiques and spas (twice), concert tix, a 55 inch tv, and most recently this beautiful matted photograph in a blog contest from Jeremie Hollman Photography-- Maybe i should buy a lottery ticket.


The Fab Fajardo Four! said...

HOMEEEEE!!!! You do win everything...But it is your persistence that pays off! Congrats, it is BEAUTIFUL!

Jeremie Hollman Photography said...

i am so happy to see that you have it up and that you are loving it! congrats, again, on winning!