Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Love Him

This crazy pup Rosco. He's a 9 yr old goofball. He's afraid of a lot of strange things, like wood floors (but not tile) and water hoses (but not the lake). He loves me so much, he overcomes his fears. His nickname is "Shadow". If i'm cleaning house going room to room, he'll slip and slide back and forth across those wood floors just to be close to me. On Monday we washed my car, and he stood between me and Steven (who had the water hose). I can only assume Rosco was trying to protect me from the evil hose, because as soon as it was off, he laid back down in the grass.

That's another thing that i love about him--he just hangs out in the front yard without being tied up and doesn't run away. He acts lazy and cool most of the time, until i get the leash out, and then he can run 3 miles with me likes it's nothing.

We took him to the dog park/lake last weekend because the weather was beautiful. Had lots of fun, but he never did get more than 6 feet away from me!

I love my Shadow.