Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DAY 7 and 8

I survived the first week, and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.
I forgot to take pics yesterday, but today i fixed my hair, put in contacts AND wore some makeup, so i definitely took some. I went to the doctor today--he said i may be banded shut tight for the next 5 weeks. If they could take at least some of the bands off, i'd be able to eat mushy foods, pretty much anything i want pureed. Instead, i can still only have juices and broths. I manage some cream soups as long as they're thin enough and well strained.

I'm not craving junk food, oddly enough; i would kill for a salad though!

Guess i'll lose plenty of weight this way.
Doc said everything looks great, i'm healing nicely, and the feeling is slowly starting to come back in my face (my lips and nose and under-eyes were completely numb a week ago). Still very swollen too, that just takes time to go away. I can't wait till i can smile again--i feel like i've been over-botoxed and have lost all facial expressions!!!

It was sunny when we got home from Temple, so i took Rosco for a mile walk, and it felt great!!! I wasn't even tired after, and i would have kept going had it not gotten dark. Crossing my fingers for a nice sunny day tomorrow so i can get out again.

Today was a big day, i used a spoon to eat my soup at dinner instead of a syringe!!! It was messy, but i did it. And FYI, potato soup is pretty good even when it's been through the blender a couple times.

I think tomorrow i run out of the good tylenol (the one with the codeine cocktail) :(
But, good news is, when i'm taking just regular painkillers, i'll be able to drive again, so i plan on meeting a friend for a movie and maybe some Christmas shopping on Thursday.

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