Friday, December 4, 2009

DAY 1-4

I don't remember much about day 1, coming out of jaw correction surgery. The surgery started a couple hours late, around 11am, and lasted a little over 5 hours. The first night involved sleeping in 1 1/2 hour increments waiting for the next dose of morphine, and nosebleeds anytime i leaned forward. I had a terribly sore throat, and my lips hurt.

The 2nd day i got rolled over to the dental clinic for x-rays and they decided to band me completely shut because the swelling was pulling the lower jaw out of place. So now i can only "eat" juice, water, and broth, all through a syringe.

My lips, nose and under my eyes are numb because some of the major nerves in the face got stretched during the procedure. I've been having a lot of tingling and the feeling is slowly coming back; should be able to eat less messily once i can feel my lips! I spend my day trying to drink enough fluids to stay off the iv, icing my face, and sleeping. I try to shower but the room is so cold that i am shivering uncontrollably and every time i shiver, my jaw clenches up (very painful).

Day three and i get to go home! Little less pain than yesterday; i'm having trouble breathing because of dried up blood in my nose, so the doc cleaned my nose out (can't blow it for two weeks!) and took more x-rays; everything looked good. I managed to sleep over six hours at one point last night, without waking up for pain meds. I'm lucky--and pleasantly surprised!--that my face isn't bruised, just swollen.

Day four, able to get up and shower which makes me feel a lot better. Steven has gone to work for a little bit so i'm on my own. Still eating Ensure, broth, juice, and lots of water. The swelling has gone down a lot more. No more chipmunk jokes from Steven, hopefully. It's a cold day; i wish it was warmer so i could go for a walk, but we got a few snowflakes today so it's worth it!


Jen said...

You are looking great! We are thinking about you!!

Dave said...

Progress! Looking much better now. I'm sure being home is helping, too.