Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quest for a better beer

I have been trying some new beers since i can't get my favorite, Honey Moon, until summer. I have stumbled across four that are quite tasty; one on recommendation from a friend, one on recommendation from the awesome beer/wine guy at HEB, one by accident, and one out of necessity.

The Pyramid Apricot Weizen has a delicious fruity taste but it's not sweet.

Landshark looks like Corona, but is oh so smooth. No lime needed, but it's good with one anyway.

Full Moon is a rich, hearty beer. Good, but I can only drink one.
Shiner Blonde is a tasty, lighter beer.


Stacey said...

I prefer Red Stripe, myself. Also, I had a friend in college who liked Ace Pear - but it wasn't my favorite.

Dave said...

Tutti-frutti sad