Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Orthodontic News

In July I finally got braces. What i thought was going to be a pretty simple process has turned into so much more. At the end of my two years of wearing braces i am getting three different surgeries. One, to expand my upper palate. Two, to straighten my upper jaw. And three, to pull my lower jaw forward.

As if this isn't bad enough, i was also told i have a tongue thrust and would have to wear an orthodontic device called a tongue crib. Or worse, tongue spikes. These keep the tongue in the right place when talking, swallowing, or just at rest. Sounds very medievel-torture-device to me...
Luckily, i visited with a speech therapist Thursday morning and found out my tongue problems can be cured with therapy only. No metal cage or spikes in my mouth!


Stacey said...

yay for no metal spikes!!!

...but seriously... some people actually have to go through that? ew.

Jen said...

Ok, that's sicko crazy. No metal spikes!