Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Choo Choo!

The big news in Austin lately is the commuter train finally up and running! I've been utilizing it 5 days a week, for my 50 mile round trip, daily commute. It saves me a lot of gas, $$$, and stress! How nice to spend an hour and a half every day napping, reading, or chatting with friends instead of sitting in traffic!

However, yesterday, a small hiccup--we were almost home when a car drove off the highway and got stuck on the train track. Thank GOODNESS the conductor saw it in plenty of time to stop without actually hitting this car. After almost 45 mins of being parked on the track, watching the fireman look at the car, waiting for a tow truck, the train finally gave up and headed back in the opposite direction to drop us off at a different station.

A friend picked some of us up and took us back to our cars, while the rest of the passengers got bussed back. We narrowly escaped getting caught in the middle of the severe thunderstorm that was brewing, too!

Hopefully all future rides are a less eventful!

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