Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WOW, 3 Months!

Here's the three month post-surgery update; braces are gone, bottom retainer is cemented in place, and I have a clear retainer to wear on top, at night.

The only pain I really have is kind of like dull sinus pain, but it's not bad. Can't comfortably eat hard or chewy foods like nuts, steak or candy.

Still can't open my mouth very wide--i tried to take a bite of egg roll saturday at dinner and couldn't get it in. Had to tear it into smaller pieces.

I have a small patch of numbness left on my face--the left side of my bottom lip and left side of my chin. Also most of my upper amd lower gums are numb.

Total weight loss is 22lbs. I'm trying very hard to keep it off (and lose a few more lbs) by eating light and going to the gym, including Mandy's saturday morning mini boot camps!

Will have a good before and after side-by-side pic up soon!

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Dave said...

Keep up the good work!