Tuesday, September 29, 2009


--Flower bed not finished--may never be finished. Rosco keeps digging holes to sleep in--and in the process kicks all the mulch out, digs up the flowers, etc. Since Sunday the mixture of crushed red peppers and cayenne pepper worked to keep him out (along with a sprinkling of stinky cumin); hopefully this keeps working! If not i am armed with my next secret weapon of crushed red pepper infused rubbing alcohol spray. Cheap, and easy to make; we'll see if it actually works.

--New job/promotion going great! Just keeping me even busier than i thought it would. I am about to finish my first month and love it.

--Been squeezing in as many lake days on the boat as we can before the weather turns colder. Good news is we just booked a winter cruise, so now i have something to look forward to during the cold months ahead!

--Still supposed to have jaw surgery (as part of my orthodontic work) sometime before Christmas. I have an appt today so maybe they can give me a better idea of the timeframe. I just want to get it over with!

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